He could feel her enter his mind before she even entered the room; he hated when she does that, but the gift she has is the only thing that sustains him.

Deep in a dark hole, someone on Earth, the Dark Professor finds himself in need of therapy, a rare gift to heal transdimensional tears in the  humans soul when they cross space and time; she was the only thing keeping him alive, especially with all the time-jumps recently. As a man of science he still struggles with believing in her abilities, but it’s hard to deny when the pain is gone; at least, that kind of pain.

He feels her invisible fingers reach into his core as she tracks something within him. “Almost got it.” She says as she makes another mental pass through him. “This is the 3rd time this month you’ve come to see me my darling.” She says, “any closer to finding what, or who you are looking for?”

“Dead ends, mostly” he says, “but I did found a trace this time. The question is, will it be enough?”

“Got it! And he’s huge!” she cries with joy as she holds what appears to be a misty dragon in her hands. “I’ve never seen one like this before. Where have you been that this aerico would attach it’s self so deeply to you?”

“You really don’t want to know.” He replies.

“Like Hell I don’t!” She retorts, then stomping a foot between his legs and onto the chair he’s been sitting in. “You were inches from death when I found you, your soul being ripped apart because of your time jumps, looking for what? Answers? A killer? Their killer!?”

“If I’m going to continue to help you, I need to know where you go as there are answers I need just as much as you!”

With a move of her had, he rises to his feet, controlled entirely by her spell, she whisper’s something to him, and he moves to leave while completely forgetting where he was.

Dark Professor:  Marco Bernal, prop designer, Model, Actor

Healer: Jessi Arntz, Leather Worker and Costume Designer at JA Fantasy Art


If you have a character you would think would flow into the Dark Professor Chronicles, let me know as the story has a long way to go!

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