The human body has been admired for as long as painters could paint, poets could write, and photographers held cameras.  So why is the human body so mesmerizing?  Is it the functionality of all these bones and muscles that allow us to do all these amazing things like lift our children, hug a loved one, or simply wave goodbye to the past?  Is it the beauty of the curves, the delicate forms the body makes as it moves, or the deep ravens of the muscle groups?

I am in no way smart enough or imaginative to tell anyone the answer to those questions, so I simply join in the long line of photographers and artists that came before me to share these images I’ve created over the last week and let you be the one to decide for yourself exactly what the human body means to you.

I want to thank Jessi, Sara, Taryn, and Neil for being just crazy enough to answer my call for subjects on a whim of a Facebook post!  You all rocked this and I appreciate each one of you!

One last note:  I learned so much in doing this and would like to expand on my knowledge with another round of these fitness photos; if you, or someone you know might be interested, please let me know!

Without further delay!

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