I don’t know about you, but I loved getting new clothes to go back to school!  I also remember that it would be weeks before school started that I was allowed to wear them and that was painful!

Let me see if I can help your kid out with a chance to wear those clothes and have a great time doing it!

Then, of course, if you are a parent, the idea of school starting next month is enough to bring a smile to your face as the summer pushes on.  Let’s start getting excited for that big transition with some fun, fashion photos shoots for your kids!

Additionally, we all know that as soon as school starts, those boring school photos with horrible “Say Cheese” smiles are about start coming home.  This year, easily say, “No thanks” as you already have amazing photos filled with style, emotion, and creative fun that brings out the best in your child because we did it right!

BTW, each fashion session will be an extended session, (Usually 15 minutes per child, pushed to 45 minutes to give them the time they need to warm up and open up to the experience!  They won’t get that at school!)

Bring dresses, suits, or just the fun new clothes your kid is dying to wear!

My Hair and Makeup team will be available for hair and powder touchups to give the full model experience that can include flowers, bows, and even sparkles.

This is an experience you don’t want them to miss out on!

For more information or sign up, click here!


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