This weekend I had an amazing opportunity to photograph the most amazing cosplay Wonder Woman I’ve seen to date, AkA Sara.

I met Sara during my recent fitness mini sessions and when she said she had a Wonder Woman costume, I knew I had to photograph her in it!

So we took out on this journey to bring this amazing character to life, help included:

Sara Campbell-Hernandez – Model and CEO, Life and Body Transformation Coach at Live Fearless Fit

Bren Betico – Hair and Makeup Artist

Lisa Lamonica – Costume designer at Etsy studio   You have to check out the huge variety of costume she offers!  I’m already setting aside a fund to get some!!


The hair and makeup started at about 9 am and we were shooting by 10 am.  When the fog settled about 45 minutes later, what you will see in this video is exactly what was shot with ZERO photoshop!  I hope you enjoy what we’ve created!

Last note:  If you are looking for a personal training, check with Sara as she can hook you up!  If you want an amazing person for hair and makeup, give Bren a call as he’s been in the business for 20 years, and has done makeup for everywhere from the 13th floor haunted house to Nationally known celebrities at the Majestic and beyond!



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