It is that time again for pumpkin sessions and I CAN NOT WAIT!!  I LOVE these sessions because the opportunity to create amazing photo art is abundant…if done right!


This is one of those times of the year that something just seems to get in our blood and makes us want to be a bit childish, have fun, decorate, snuggle, drink and eat everything with a touch of pumpkin flavoring.  Some of those things we love to do is visit a pumpkin patch, visit carnivals, and haunted houses; OH, and eat candy!

Of those awesome things to do, pumpkin patch pictures is the one I love to do the most!  I did some for the first time a few years ago and every year I love to push my artistry to just make these more and more amazing!  This year I plan to push that motivation to the max to see what I can create, so I need those families out there with a love for this time of year and little ones to capture some awesome moments!

I have a patch that I love to use, but I’m open to other locations; in fact, there is one in Kyle I’m really thinking about trying out that has a little story book house that could make the images even more fun!

If you are interested in being apart of my adventure, contact me asap so we can get you scheduled as appointments are limited by specific days and times.

Here’s a quick look back at just a handful of favorites!



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