Holiday Art

I’m super excited to share the first of my Holiday Art images as they are some of my greatest joys of the holiday!

If you know me, I’m always inspired by Norman Rockwell’s classic images that have strong highlights and dark shaded tones with a bit of an off color saturation that makes them so unique; but even more important then the technique, was the stories he told with him images; those little magic moments of life in an artistic way.

This is one I did last year to capture the sporting story of these brothers:

This year I had the idea of working with a Holiday Check-up idea and it’s been awesome!  Kids have such an amazing love and caring for animals and toys; you can see they take their work vary seriously!


SO MUCH MORE then simple photos.  When an oil painting is created by a master, they tend to have over 100 layers of brush strokes to create a master piece; thankfully, as a digital artist, I can speed up the process a bit, but the fundamental of layering is still vital; this image possess over 40 layers of built up brush strokes with the same oil-painting technique.   Unfortunately, the details and textures of individual brush strokes is lost a bit via computer or phone images, but if you are wondering what gives it that  different feel, that’s it!

One more for the road:


Next up for Holiday Art is a Fairy theme; if you have a child that might want to be a part of this, let me know so we can get them in!

Additionally, I’m looking for a little ballerina, let me know if you know one!!





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