Before Holiday Photos Start

I took the opportunity to do a fun little session with my friends Marco and Katy, I figure a little practice is always key in any art.

Marco is my master cosplayer/tech guinness/model you se in a lot of my photos; we’ve  been friend for something like 5 years now and I always appreciate him and his abilities to rock out the work we do together; in fact, you might be seeing some of our work in the Friends of Gotham Magazine in the next few months!  Super excited about that!

Katy is another one of my friends that is so fun to shoot with, we’ve done some Dark Professor work a few years ago as well as an awesome beauty set last years.  Katy runs the fan page, Cupkate Cosplay where she shares some of her amazing abilities to cosplay and create custom props!

So here is a little of what we did yesterday, I hope you enjoy!


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