Happy Halloween Everyone!

Before the little ghost and goblins start knocking at our doors and signaling for the books to close on a really great October, I wanted to celebrate in my own way with a couple of eternal love images we created!

When I announced my Day of the Dead sessions, I had a little thought cross my mind of having it open to even kids; I thought it would be unlikely to find a kid that would like to do this, or even a parent who would, but thankfully, that was not the case and I’m so glad!

The thought going into this art was that eternal love of a parent; that bond that time never breaks, so while in some peoples eyes, these could, and probably are a bit creepy, the beauty goes far beyond even the thought of not sharing them!

My thanks to Harmony and her little goblin for being a part of an amazing month of art!  Also my thanks to Audra Bjerke as the stylist for hair and makeup!

If you like these images, I am considering doing another set before Mother’s Day; if you would like to be a part of that, message me and let me know!

If your style is a bit more Merry and Bright, I still have time for holiday art sessions like the Advent Calendar and/or Holiday Check-up mini sessions!

Until then,

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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