I had this idea over Christmas; “What if someone would have highlighted my business early in the holiday season with a goal of sharing who I am and what I do?”  As soon as the thought crossed my mind, the flip of that hit me like a ton of bricks and the idea that Personal Trainers would likely appreciate that now!

With the theme of “Be the change you want in the world,” I reached out to my Facebook friends for recommendations and received 18!  Unfortunately, only 3 have taken me up on the offer that would include a photo session and interview to help highlight their service to San Antonio, my clients, and my friends.  It’s ok with me for those who passed, as I am a firm believer in what my son’s Karate instructor, Mr. Meza of Victory Stone Ridge, likes to say, “Leaders take action!”

So the first action taker of the 3 I’ll be sharing with you is Taryn Shaffer!

How long have you been a personal trainer and who are the clients you serve?
“I started at 18, I work with both weight loss clients or those wanting to tone up and build a little muscle.”
How does your business work?

“For me, it’s 2 sides: in person or online coaching for those who can go to the gym but have no idea what to do when they get there.  Or the people that are just starting and need help on how to start.

More so, it’s about teaching them how to do it on their own, as a personal trainer, my goal is not to have you as a client forever, but to teach you what you need to know so you can be ready and confident to do it on your own.”




Are you part of a gym or completely private?

“I am completely private.  I left the corporate gym business behind.  For me, it’s one on one so I can be flexible to my client’s needs.”

It’s January first and I’m ready to loose this weight, what are some tips to get me going?

“First, be patient and know it doesn’t happen over night.

Second, stay consistent and trust the process.  There will be days when it will not be fun and it will be a struggle, but if you’re patient and you do have a bad day it will not break you.

Third, you have to be doing something you love to do.  If you hate a type of exercise or workout, you will not stick with it.”


What milestones do you see people go through?

“Typically the weight loss at a month, generally 4 to 6 pounds; additionally seeing their measurements dropping.  Most importantly, seeing their confidence go up and up as they make it happen week after week; that inner change verses the outer change is very motivating!”


Do you have any specialties?

“Absolutely, I have quite a few now actually!  I’m a fitness nutrition specialist so I can help people fuel their bodies for such a big change.
I also do corrective exercise, so those who have injuries or even older clients can get the rehabilitation they require.
Additionally, I can work at an athletic level for strength training or endurance.”





How do you like to work as a trainer?

“For me, it’s a very personable business.  I know my clients success is dependent on the relationship we build that helps them stay motivated and driven to meet their goals.”

If you would appreciate some help from Taryn, you can contact her at:

Cell phone: 832-466-7940 Email: tarynshaffer@gmail.com Fb: beyond resilience

If you know a business own in San Antonio or local area that is quality and referable, let me know about them as I would love to extend this effort as a SA 360 project serving all of us!

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