Did you notice how quick the Valentine’s Day decorations came out in stores?

We had just finished putting up Christmas decorations! In some places last year’s Christmas decorations are marked at 90% off and sitting next to Valentine’s Day flounce. I have a feeling that whatever doesn’t sell will soon be marked at 90% off as they get ready for Easter. We are sold a never ending swell of holiday frills without any depth of understanding the true meaning of the tradition behind the celebration.

That brings us to Valentine’s Day. What is it all about? Just like the original fairy tales, the history of Valentine’s Day is dark indeed! The modern version we celebrate is borne out of the martyrdom of two men, both named Valentine. Thus, the Catholic Church honors their feast on 14 February of each year. If you want to dig even deeper, you’ll have to do research into the more salacious Roman history of the Feast of Lupercalia.

I want to focus on the charming tradition of exchanging romantic greetings on this day of love. It’s a rather old idea that gained massive popularity in the 1500’s. In the past, children in grade school spend time coloring, cutting, and pasting on construction paper so they too can participate in the time honored tradition of handing out love notes to each other, sometimes anonymously.

Unfortunately, the tradition has boiled down to junky drugstore cards with candy that are not personal at all and are just thrown away in about 30 minutes at best!

Now it’s time to up our game again. What about highly personalized cards that feature your child? These can be handed out in class and even mailed to family and friends. We’ve all seen each other refrigerators! I know we all attach photos to the front and and it becomes a collage of finger paintings and photos that we change out when we know longer see the stainless steel. Professional photographs are appreciated and stored away for safe keeping. We frame them up and line our hallways like a family rogue’s gallery.

Start a new custom of personalized cards that other’s will love and appreciate for years to come. The calendar is filling fast and Valentine’s Day is approaching on the horizon. Don’t forget your New Year’s Resolution of organization and being ready for whatever comes your way. Wouldn’t you love to already have the cards situated so you’re not running into the drug store the night before you need them? You know all that’s left is the cheap ones that will embarrass your kid and it won’t be a reflection of who you really are as a family.

As always, my images are more than pictures, the are seeds in a garden that grow into an amazing story that is you and your loved ones.

This year, I want to make sure your story is full of amazing images, so mini sessions are only $25 to attend and images start at simply $25, packages start at just $99!

Contact me today to reserve 1 of only a handful of spots!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Robert Trebor

Co-written by Empty Nester Amy Burns

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