It's All About Confidence!

Forget your measurements, Forget your age, 

You are perfect today, so don't "weight" to get the images you want today!

Get Ready to Be Noticed!

Do you want to be noticed?  Of course, everyone does and for multiple reasons.  For some it's business to find that new job, get promoted, define your status, or even attract clients.  For others it's to tell a story about their place in life, like High School Seniors, Graduating Professional training or college.  For others, it's that goal we all crave, the attention of someone special; weather for a new relationship or to spice up an existing one, a great photo can do it all!

On an average year, I do over 700 profession headshot for social media like LinkedIn, so I can safely proclaim, that I bring a talent and knowledge to your headshot session.  My headshot are edgy, personal, and friendly in a way that gets the attention you need to open that next door.

We are in a visual society and yet everyday I look at LinkedIn and see so many professional people that are killing opportunities by not having a quality headshot on their profile page. I know as we get older, the last thing we want to see is our photos because we are not 19 any longer, but the truth is, that's only in your mind. The world wants to see you!

98% of profiles with good quality photos get 4 extra seconds of viewing time when someone is scrolling through profiles. How crazy is that? But that means, in that 4 seconds they also have a bigger chance of spotting that you have the credentials for that job they need, or that you have stepped forward and you are someone to give the higher position to. All because of 4 little seconds, but you're afraid to show your face.

Let's change that today!

Each opportunity in life starts by taking a step forward.  It's actions we take everyday that define our outcomes.  Our hopes and dreams are never as far away as they seem, but we have to move toward them, or they stay where they are.