So little to do, so much time; wait, reverse that! ~ Willie Wonka

Special Events

Every year brings such amazing opportunities, and these are just a few!

Sail Away!   27 May 2017

Come sail away on a sea of flowers and through the woods!  This mini session features a fun private sailboat as part of my Cardboard Dreams to ignite your child's imagine and set a stage for amazing and dreamy art that will keep you smiling for years to come!  

Fashion Mini Session, June 17th!

Be my guest and have an amazing experience as work with me and my team to create fashion art.  Can includes make-up and hair service, beverages, snacks, and lots of fun!   No experience required, open to all ages, sizes, and even couples!  Only 8 sessions available, so request information today if you are interested!  Click here for more details!

Pin-up Patriots, 22 July 2017

Want to have a great time and show off your patriotism?  In July, let's have some fun rocking out some classic pin-up with a patriotic twist for 8, fun-loving ladies or any age, size, or experience.  Have fun and something amazing to be proud of!

Up and Away, TBD August 2017

Bringing it back to the kids, let this high-flying (yet, still on the ground) adventure with a hot-air balloon take your child's imagination to the highest reaches of the atmosphere!  While the preview image is just balloons, I have a much bigger surprise for those who participate!  Stay tuned for details!

Down to Business, Headshot marathon, TBD September 2017

Let's get down to business and update those headshot!  Be ready to make the most out of the last quarter of the year no matter if it's business or pleasure, you'll be ready to inpress!