2 Days to go!

In your business, do you ever feel like a boxer getting ready to go in to the big fight? Your heart is pumping, bouncing on your toes, moving your arms to get the blood flowing, and having that direct stare as you are focused on what to come!

That’s me, well, at least mentally. I’m so excited about this challenge to connect your business to some truly amazing business partners of the next month!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had such a positive response from business owners like you who are excited to connect and grow with other like-minded people; I can’t wait to see how my business partners are doing in July and December when this effort has the time to mature and provide fruit to everyone involved!

If you know a business that would like to be involved with the effort, simply share this email with them, or if you want to make sure I have more details about your business and who you are looking for, then register and I’ll update it so I can help you.

You can Register at: Yes, I want to get connected!

Just a reminder: This effort isn’t SPAMMING out everyones information; so emails from me will include a few specific names, their business and why I think your business could share referrals.
This isn’t about DIRECT sales, it’s about building power team relationships; if you need the other person’s service, great, but that’s not the intention.

Best of luck to all of you!


Robert Trebor, Digital Headshot Expert
Certified. Published. Veteran.

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