474 Connections made so far!

Businesses all over San Antonio are asking, “Who is this Robert Trebor guy, and why is he emailing me introductions to other people?”

Aside from being a bit crazy, I’ve had this compelling dream to boost my fellow business owners by connecting them to the right referral partners to make both of them money!

So far, the crowds are excited about the introductions and some of them have been a lot of fun for me, specifically:

  • A cruise planner connected to a baby supply business, ‘cuz 9 months after the cruise there is often a souvenir they were not expecting!
  • A business that puts GPS systems on company cars connected with a printing company that does vehicle wraps!
  • A business that provides team building service via LaserTag with a Bookkeeping company as a client appreciation effort!

I know I’m just one person trying to help out so many great businesses across San Antonio, but my hope is each business I connect is uplifted and profitable as the connections turn to referrals and referrals turn to sales.

Of course, this is a “Horse to water” effort, where I can only do so much; if you get an email that says, “You meet someone,” you have to virtually stick out your hand via email reply for the connection to really work.

526 more connection to come!  Wish me luck!

If you’ve been connected, tell me how it went via my fan page!  It keeps me motivated and knowing who appreciates the help!  I’m at https://www.facebook.com/roberttreborphotog/

If you know someone who has a business and would like to get connected, just send this email to them so they can register and I will help them out!

Just a reminder:  This effort isn’t SPAMMINGout everyone’s information; so emails from me will include a specific name, their business and why I think your business could share referrals if it isn’t obvious.

This isn’t about DIRECT sales,it’s about building power team relationships; if you need the other person’s service, great, but that’s not the intention.

Best of luck to all of you!


Robert Trebor, Digital Headshot Expert

Certified. Published. Veteran.


P.S.  It’s bluebonnet season and if you know anyone wanting art images of their littles, please send them my way!  Thanks!

San Antonio Bluebonnet photos!

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