7 Phases of a website build

Excitement:  You have basic ideas of what you want the site to be and do.

Hope:  You start learning how to do web design and happy because you can make a home page.
Endurance:  After the home page the rest just don’t fit together the way you had dreamed and those fancy plug-ins just are not working as smoothly as advertised; you realize how much content is really needed to make your site worth existing.   
Endless:  You keep adding content and new pages and it seems you can never get to “Finished.”
Refinement:  You finally have all the pages built and content loaded, but realize your content is riddled with spelling, grammar, and fat-finger mistakes.
Polishing:  Finally getting the content cleaned up and feeling better.
Maintenance:  That 2 minutes when you actually don’t want to touch it again in your life!  

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