A Canvas to Paint, a Joker's Tale

This weekend provided a very unique opportunity as an artist and
photographer to photograph a painted subject as a collaboration effort of
four artists; Jason Lozano (Paint), Michelle Escoe (Canvas), Marco Bernal
(Concept designer), myself Robert Trebor (photographer).  The process of
painting and photographing took over 8 hours to complete, but the results were without a doubt, remarkable to say the least.

Our day started a 2 pm on Sunday as we all met for the first time and set
arrangements for Jason and Michelle to start their part.  The painting
process is not easy by any means as the makeup and painting is a cumulative effort of layers on layers to get the right tones as well as to not crack when the model is performing.  Breaks are few and far between as both the artist and the model are standing for nearly the entire time.

As the day wore on and night came, the art of creating a painted Joker began to pay off as Jason created the coat, the laces, and finally the striped pants to finish Michelle’s outfit.  Michelle was such a trooper as she went straight from being painted to energetic model!  I know I would have been exhausted after just the painting!

As we began photographing, you can imagine a bit of pressure to nail the
photos in order to make 8 hours of painting worth it.  I did my best and dug deep into my studies to pull out all the stops (no pun intended for fellow photographer nerds  ;-).  I played with high-key white background to let all the details stand out, overhead and side lighting for drama; even
up-lighting to get that evil look they deserve as a couple of the most
popular villains out there.

Regardless of the success or failure of the images, my favorite part was the collaboration of artists to come together with each other’s talents and make something fun and unique.  My thanks to Jason, Michelle, and Marco for trusting me with this effort!


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