A+ Is The Grade!

The Study in Red mini session was an absolute BLAST!

I think everyone had a great time and the photos have been spectacular!
Ended up with five models and used at least four unique lighting setups per person based on what would work best to flatter them.  If you haven’t seen any of the photos, check out my fanpage www.facebook.com/nostalgicmp

Here is a quick example with the lovely Kenedy!  

So what’s next?

Well, I had planned to do a Mid-Summer’s Night Dream photos for couples, but I think I will push that back and do a Summer-Time Blues mini with a Rockabilly theme; think Rivet Rosy.  Blue jeans with button up shirts tied at the bottom, high-hills and cute headbands.  Men are welcome also, so they would be look best with either a military uniform or the “Grease” look!

Along with great outfits, I’m working some background opportunities that could really make these images pop!  I’ll keep you informed as the elements come in! 🙂


If you are interested in participating, the first 4 people who sign up will
get the session and a facebook image absolutely free.  There will be a $29
session retainer fee to protect the appointment that will either be returned or used as credit

products.  Unfortunately I’ve had my share of no shows recently which means lost opportunities for not just me, but other clients whom would have loved to have participated. 

More details to follow, but this next session is planned for 19 Jul 2014!

Contact me at nostalgicmp@gmail.com or message me on facebook for


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