A new look to an old theme!

As photographers, we are always on the hunt for a new way to photograph our
client’s life events.  One of them recently has been the cap and gown idea
for High School Seniors.  

This weekend, I had the pleasure to work with Preston, a local senior here
in San Antonio that is all set to launch into a new life as a college
student and football player!  

Our session was at his home football and track stadium to really focus on
the things he loves to do the most.  Before jumping right into the uniform
images, I really wanted to do something to show some love to the fact he is
a senior.  With an idea from his mom to hold his graduation tassel, I build
on that to shoot low and get the stadium lights in the image.  I love when
an image has a deeper story and I think we achieved it!

As with any evening session, we were racing against the sun dial to get all
of our images captured before dark, so by the time the sun was gone I was
drenched with sweat but with a huge smile on my face as we wrapped up the

My thanks again to Preston and his mom for letting me share in this
wonderful transition in your lives!


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