A New Year, A New You?

How much do you plan to do this year?  Are you like me and fitness is high up on the list?  How about personal goals, maybe learn a new skill or work on a current tallent?

Yep, I’ve got all that going on as well.
For the last 4 weeks I’ve actually started doing P90x again in the morning….before you get to impressed thinking I’m doing 1-handed pushups, that would be far from the truth!  I do about a 4th of what the actually program does, but I take pride in it being a 4th more then I did last year!  🙂
On another front, I’m transforming my business a bit more to focus on High School Senior photography.  I LOVE doing character art and will certainly continue, but it just feels like a natural progression for my studio to take on the challenge of Senior photography for people who want more art in their photos.  I love the variety and creativity that senior photos require and I’m definately up for it!
You may have noticed the change in my website from Blue to Silver, I just wanted something a little cleaner then what I had before.  I still have a few modification to make, but I’m enjoying where it’s going.
Ok, 1 last note.  This month I’m having a glitter mini-session day!  It’s just what it sounds like, a bunch of glitter being blown and tossed into the air to create some truly unique images!  These will be great photos for kids, families, and even some great High School Senior photos!  
Make sure to contact me by the 10th of January for more informationand sigh up if you are interested.  
Happy New Year Everyone!!

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