Back to life, back to real estate.

Back to work on a Tuesday after a long weekend is always a little disorienting.  It was such a great weekend of photography and hanging out with friends; now I’m sitting in a cubical working on architecture; it’s just not the same.

This weekend also gave us the chance to see the building numbers from our general contractor to let us know how much our new home studio would cost….Yikes!  We can’t seem to win with building, so we are opening the idea of just buying a pre-existing house.  Anyone looking to buy some beautiful land?!  🙂
We took a couple of hours yesterday to check out some houses for sale near where we are currently living and actually liked a few of them!  We dove into building because the last time we looked at what was available, we really weren’t that excited about the inventory.  
We still have a road before us, but at least there is hope of not being in a rental for the next year! 
Ok, and it would be awesome to be in our own home by the holidays!  Our son is at the perfect age to have a great holiday season with him.

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