Back to school!

“Ohhhh… Back to school, back to school… to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. Ohhhh… Back to school!”
– Adam Sandler, Billy Madison

Ding! School is in session. The kids are out of the house, the morning commute to work is backed up by buses, and the season of signing homework slips and overpaying for mechanical pencils is upon us!

As good as we made that sound, we know back to school season isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. Your calendar is probably bending under the weight of all of the after-school and weekend activities that have been piled on it within the last week. And, well, we can’t help with that, but we might have something else you would like.

If you’ve been dealing with the idea of holiday photos, you may be thinking that you’re stuck and there are just no other viable options then long-line, box stores, amateur photographers, or trying to do it yourself. Good news, I can take care of you and your family in a quick, private, and easy session that gives you images your friends will be jealous of!  I’d like to offer you a private offer of just $199 that includes the session, a mounted 11×14 and your choice of (4) 5×7 prints or 20-holiday cards!  (Regular price of $440!)

Through September 30th, when you call me at 210-912-0782, you will be able to get the $199-holiday session. Won’t it be great to finally have a stress-free holiday photo without worrying about long-lines in the box stores or long sessions with amateurs trying to figure out their camera while both resulting in lack-luster images?

And don’t worry about expensive professional pricing, because we’ve got you covered. You’ll get everything we just mentioned, for just $199!

To take advantage of this offer, be sure to reach out to us by calling 210-912-0782 or going to by September 30th.

Cheers to not getting stuck in school bus traffic,

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