Elf'n on a shelf

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!

So Elf on a Shelf is a big hit this year!  We tried it last year, but my son was still a bit young to really get it, so we held off so this year could be our “Official” start of the tradition.
Kids never stop suprising you!  So as we set off on our EoaS adventure the first thing to do was give the Elf a name.  As my sun is an Angry Birds Starwars freak, I was sure it was going to be Boba Fett or Darth Maul!  Thankfully, and out of no where, he says, “Chim-ah-nie” (Chimney with Gaige style!  lol).  We love the name!   
So this is day three of Elfing, this morning Chimahnie was hanging upside down from the ceilling fan all Cirque du soleil style.  My son loved that when we were looking for our elf, he spotted him when I was standing right under the fan.  Of course I played the goof when Gaige said, “He’s right there!”  I looked behind me, under me, and over the elf before going, “Oh, right there!”  lol!  He was so proud of himself for finding the elf; it was awesome!
Wishing you all a great season!

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