Emperor Palpatine, weddings, and weekends!

I’m looking forward to this 3-day weekend from my day job and getting to spend time with my family and photography!

Tomorrow I have sessions from morning until 5 pm and can hardly wait.  One client is a long-time friend that I get to take care of for the first time.  I have a set list specifically for her that should results in some truly stunning images!
Another session is a continuation of the Character Artist with over 20 Star Wars costumes.  We’re actually just doing one tomorrow, but its his Emperor Palpatine costume because it takes him and a team over 3 hours to  put on the makeup; those photos are going to ROCK!  We’ll still have at least one more session before we are actually done photographing all of them.  When we are done, watch my Robert Trebor, Photographer Facebook Fan Page for finished album pages over the next couple of months!
Quick note, it’s definitely getting to be wedding planning season, I’ve had 3 couples reach out to me over the last couple of weeks to set reservations.  If you know of anyone looking for a wedding photographer, please have them contact me soon as I only take on a limited number each year.  Generally 6 to 12 weddings.
As you can imagine, I bring a lot of passion to my wedding photography as I’m always looking to capture the emotion of the day while working to produce magazine quality images to rock the pages national publications!  To find out more about my wedding photography, check out my site www.nostalgicmp.com and go to the wedding link at the top of the page.
Because I put so much into my wedding photography and I limit the number of wedding clients I take on, it gives me the opportunity to be selective to serve the best clients in the best locations with the most dynamic images possible.  This doesn’t mean I’m looking for high-dollar clients, I just like cool people who are fun to be around and have great taste in locations.  A wedding in a nice park that cost only a few hundred dollars and the couple is fun to be around is more valuable and interesting to me!
Add some dramatic lighting and let the moments unfold!
Ok, you all have a great weekend, be safe, take some photos and share them with the world!

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