Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Sessions and showings

A session deposit is required for every session and is non-refundable if canceled within 7 days of session date.

The first show and order date is complimentary; however, additional showings, rescheduling for any reason will be charged a $100 fee.  Additionally, a $100 storage fee per month beyond 30 days of the session will be charged.

Payments are an option, but require 50% down and 2 credit cards on file to be charged on agreed on dates.

Images and storage

Unordered images are targeted for deletion after 60 days.

No products are created until all items are paid in full.

Digital images sold come with all rights to the buyer to use as desired.

I am not responsible for print quality outside of my direct services.

Issue Resolution

Any issues regarding print quality or photographic service that need resolution must be addressed within 6 weeks of product delivery.