Fashion Friday, Apple Watch?

Will an Apple Watch or any other cell phone linked device be significant to your style?  

I have to admit, I’m interested in an Apple Watch for its functionality as well as a fashion accessory.  Unfortunately, Apple does have a tendency for its first generation products to be short lived and the second generation being the way to go.  Also, I haven’t really worn a watch in years, so I’m curious if I can get used to it again?  I guess it depends on comfort and the utility of the watch.

Aside from fashion and functionality, I have to laugh at schools that have already banned them from classrooms; it reminds me of Google Glasses that have already been banded for use while driving before the glasses even hit the streets!
I suppose I understand in the classroom during tests, but I don’t think it would be too difficult to spot someone playing “secret spy” with their phone while taking a test!  “Humm, I wonder why they are playing with their wrist every 15 seconds!”  lol
Do you already use a bluetooth enabled watch or glasses?  How do you like it?  Do you think these will become the next evolution in technology and fashion?


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