Glitter Weekend 2014!

What a GREAT weekend! 

This was the weekend for my annual Glitter mini-sessions and it was a BLAST!
The main goal was to get some folks in and have some fun and boy did we accomplish that!  While most of the clients were children, I did have a mom-daughter set and a high-school student who I roped into giving it a go (And of course they loved it!!).  Every session was different and unique, but they all had a moment.
There was a “turn over” moment for each session that was my favorite; the turn over was when the child came in shy and not really interested in photos, but as soon as I said, “Do you want to play with some glitter?” and puffed some out of my hands….It was GAME ON!  
As for images, of course I loved catching a good glitter puff, but that moment of anticipation before I said, “Go” was truly priceless as well!
Check out some of the images in either my mini-gallery, or on Facebook in my  fan page.  If you go to the fan page, please remember to LIKE my page so you can be in the loop of all the different sessions I have cooking!

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