Happy Halloween Everyone!

I love Halloween; not exactly sure why, perhaps its just the fun energy in the air and a chance to be a kid?  Sometimes you don’t always need to know, “Why” you just need to enjoy it!

So our life is all packed up in boxes and at our new home now so you know what we are doing tonight; regardless, I’m still picking up some candy and will pass it out for a couple of hours!  It feels wrong to just ignore the holiday for something that will still be here tomorrow!
Speaking of passing out candy, what are your Halloween traditions?
On an average year, I bolt home from work and get my pumpkin or pumpkins  carved, dig out one of my costumes I’ve collected over the years and prep to give out candy to the kids for a few hours.  It’s even better when we have neighbors we can collaborate with and pass candy out together while shooting the breeze with good conversation.
Once the ghost and goblins retreat to there dwellings to go over the night’s take, I like to spend about an hour trying to photograph this year’s pumpkins in a different way from the previous years.  Last year was a lot of fun as I used a light-painting technique to bring some new dimension to the images.  If you go to my www.facebook.com/nostalgicmp the cover right now is one of those from that set.
Unfortunately, I’ll have to take this year off with our big move, but certainly something to look forward to next year.  🙂
That’s it for today, Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe and have a good one!!

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