How Do You Star Wars?

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I was 3 years old.  The lights in the theatre dimmed as the projector’s beam of radiant light blasted its way to the big screen followed by that unforgettable and now magical, Star Wars theme music.  This was my first time in a theatre.  

I couldn’t read yet, but while the music played and the opening plot of Star Wars scrolled up the screen in yellow letters on a star-filled background, I had no idea that it would be a theme in my life for the next 40+ years!

Today, Star Wars is so much more than a movie to me, it’s a legacy of adventure that I share with my two boys as we connect and play epic lightsaber battles, search the house for battle droids, snuggle during family movie night, or dress up for halloween.

If you share this connection, come and join me on a project to capture the Faces of Star Wars here in San Antonio.

During April, I want to do 100 Free Star Wars photo sessions of fans like myself.  Participants are welcome to simply wear your favorite Star Wars T-shirt, or go all-in with a costume, totally up to you!

Individuals of all ages are welcome as well as complete families!

My goal is to post 2 galleries, 1 on May 4th of Lightside characters, and then one on May 6th of the Darkside characters!

If you or someone you know would like to participate, simply sign up on my website at

My thanks in advance to all those who participate or help spread the word!



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