Karate begins!

Anyone have a 5 year old that’s not too good at focusing when playing team

Over the summer we had our son in basketball and let me tell you, that was
interesting to see how little involved a kid can be if they are not really
into something.  It was kind of painful to see the game played around him
while he just danced around on the court; but hey, as long as he is having
fun right.

Now that school has started, we kind of expected him to be tired out by the
time he gets home; we were wrong.  That boy can go and go, so I decided to
reach out to some friends whose daughter of same age has been taking karate
for at least a couple of month and see how things were going and then set up
a guest session at the dojo.

While it is still too early to tell, my son seemed to do pretty well last
night staying focused during his first class.  The overall flow of the
training changes quickly, so I’m sure that will help.  Plus, he was a little
early to bed and that was nice.

His next class is on Friday, so I’ll let you know how it goes!



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