Know your weaknesses and ask for help

Building my website has been an amazing and exciting journey for me and like any adventure it’s been filled with it’s own monsters along the way.

Something I’ve struggled with all my life is grammar and spelling.  I’m not sure why.  
So you can quickly imagine the monster fear I have for putting any of this out there on the web given that as people we strongly judge people for spelling.  
I’ve always just looked at my problem as 2 simple choices:
1. I can hide in a corner and refuse to grow.
2. I can step up to the plate and do my best!
So far I’ve accomplished a Master’s degree, served in the military as both enlisted and an officer, and here I’m doing pretty good with my own business.  I think it’s safe to say, “I will keep trying!”
Plus, I’m a pretty good photographer it seems my clients love me for the photos not the writing!  lol
Part of trying is reaching out for help when you know you have a problem, and that’s what I’ve done with my website.  I want to say a big, “Thank you” to everyone who has helped me find those big and little errors on my site.  You guys rock and I greatly appreciate it!  I hope you enjoy the Star Bucks and iTunes cards as my gift of appreciation!  
Whatever your weakness, there are great people who step in to help!

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