Last week of FoSW sessions!

I knew this would be fun, but I had no idea it would be this much fun!

The score of John Williams plays in the back ground as theatrical smoke spills over the studio space and just like when I was 3 years old that magic starts to flow as the lights fire in in my studio; the activation of a lightsaber, the “Pew, pew” the client says while they hold a blaster, the child’s love for Star Wars gleaming in an adult’s eyes as they see how they have been captured into the amazing universe of Star Wars; this is why I’m doing this!

From lightsabers to blasters, costumes to t-shirts, there has not been a single person from a Faces of Star Wars session that has not walked away having a great time and seeing amazing images!

As the month has progressed towards May the 4th, the excitement on this project has done nothing but expand to the point there will likely be a physical gallery show sometime in the future to truly share the magic these images have captured!

If you know someone or would like to still be a part of this, the last sessions are happening this Saturday by appointment!

While I’m dying to share some previews, I’m going to hold off, but here is a quick rave to give you an idea of who things are going:

My goal has been to do 100 Free Star Wars photo sessions of fans like myself.  Participants are still welcome to simply wear your favorite Star Wars T-shirt, or go all-in with a costume, totally up to you!

Individuals of all ages are welcome as well as complete families!

If you are reading this email, you are part of my inner-circle and will have first access to the galleries on May 3rd, so keep an eye out for that link coming next week!

If you or someone you know would like to participate, simply sign up on my home page!

My thanks in advance to all those who participate or help spread the word!



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