Protein Shake Comparison:

So it seems quite a few people are interested in how these shakes compare, so let me share this quick flavor comparison between the three based on my own taste buds.

Before I start, let me calibrate my taste with yours so you understand my personal perspective on rating the shakes for sweetness:

I love sweets, hence the need for weight loss!  

I only drink sweet coffee, like a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks; so not into bitter flavors.

I can handle a chocolate on chocolate cake for the most part.

On the scale below, I rate each shake for “Not at all,” to “very” sweet, like strait sugar or syrup. 

Next is chalkiness.  I can’t stand most protein shakes on the market because their chalkiness and texture make me want to vomit, and most of my friends who have shown interest in this study have shared that they feel the same.

This one is pretty easy to scale, as “not at all,” to “very” chalky.  

I would like to have a Taste Test at my house with some interested people and see how a group rating would turn out.

Quick note:  Body by Vi starts with vanilla and you would add a flavor pouch to make it any flavor, which is pretty cool, but that is why I don’t have a chocolate rating for it.  

I’ll be back soon with the nutrition study, so stay tuned!

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