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All right, the study is just about finished of my personal review of Body by Vi, Shakeology, and Zeal for Life nutrition shakes and here is what I’ve found. Before I start, I want to say this was not to debunk or put down any product, this is only how the product reacted or didn’t react with my own body.  I’ve certainly found that they all have wonderful and unique advantages that if you decided to enjoy any of them, I think you would enjoy any.  With that said, let’s see what happened:

My goal was to get some quantifying numbers when it comes to Energy, Appetite, and Weight loss for the 3 protein shakes.  So this is what I did:

For Energy, I looked at how many times I worked out during the 7 day period, how aggressive I was during the workouts measured in average calories burnt according to a heart rate monitor, and if I had energy crashes that drove me to take a mid-day nap.  

Quick note, during this period I did P90x3 which is a set of 16 different 30 minute workouts, so while some where more strenuous then others, I feel that over the 7 day period a fair mix of easy and difficult workouts where completed.

For Appetite, I tracked my calorie intake with the MyFitnessPal app.  My daily calorie goal was 1,860 calories plus fitness calories burnt during planned exercise.   I looked back on each day and found the average under or over amount as a gage of how hungry I was during that period and how well I stayed within my calorie intake plan.  Over goal means I ate more than planned; under goal means I ate less than planned.

Finally, for weight loss, as I tracked my daily weight and logged it into the MyFitnessPal app, I was able to easily calculate the weight change between the 7 days.  

If you recall, there is 3,600 calories in a pound of fat.  So if I was perfect every day at taking in 1860  and for my weight and age, I require 2150 calories to maintain my current weight.  Therefore, taking in 1860 calories per day would give me a weekly deficit of 2030 calories, or about 2/3 of a pound loss each week.  (With no exercise, or calories from workouts consumed during the day).  

I have to admit, the findings where interesting while still being within general expectations.

A couple of things I learned along the way I should note:

–    There are other products as part of Body by Vi  and Zeal for Life that focus on weight loss and energy to consider.  Additionally, Body by Vi’s weight loss plan includes 2 of their shakes per day which I didn’t do for consistency and intent of this research.

–    Zeal for Life also has an associated wellness drink that is intended to be drank the same day or mixed with the protein shake.  


I think all three protein shakes are excellent sources of nutrition and you will feel improved health with each if your daily diet is lacking.  While all of this information has to be put in context of the human body as a complex system and the data results are only for one person. 

For me, I found it interesting and didn’t realize I worked out every day with Shakeology.  I liked that I had strong intensity while fueled with either Shakeology or Zeal for Life, as well as days of comfortably consuming a little less than goal calories.  (I never pushed myself to meet any number except the 1860 goal on a daily basis without killing myself to hit it.  I recommend to everyone to try for your target calories, but don’t freak out if you go over, just keep it in mind for the next day and try to be more selective on what you actually eat.)

Weight loss was really interesting.  As stated above, I only really expected to lose 1 pound a week, so to have all of them show a 2 pound per week loss is actually a surprise.  I lost some weight before starting this and continued to lose a bit more afterwards so I did not really notice the specific amounts during the course of the study.  Pleasant surprise of course!  🙂

I went into this study with a willingness to either pick one or none to continue using.  With the extra pound of unexpected weight loss, increased energy, and potential business opportunity they all provide, I have decided to continue with one of them.  Which one?  

I want to have a tasting at my house, mostly to use up some of my extra product I’ve purchased while doing this study.  I will reveal which one I’ve opted to continue with, however, at the tasting, there will be no presentations, sign-up, or purchasing of anything.  After the tasting we will just hang-out and enjoy the day!

If you are interesting in coming over for the tasting of any of these products, contact me for the date and time! Likely before the end of April 2014.

If you are interested in any of the products, contact me so I can get you connected with wonderful distributors that I trust for each!

I’m going to post one more study about these products.  I want to have a handful of people taste at least one of the products as a calibration to home my taste buds compare to others and what the average person rates each.


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