Rocking the week!

3 sessions down, 5 more to go and looking forward to each!

This weekend was Awesome!  I had a session with Melody that I loved because I was able to do some nice high-key lighting, well, and she is really great also.  🙂
With a lot of my character artist, I enjoy mid and dark (low-key) photos to really make the photos dramatic.
Melody had a very colorful costume with strong blues and pastel colors that would be ruined with anything other then a white background.  Plus, the costume is anima based, so it has to have the upbeat and happy feel of it.  Ok, so I added a sword to the session just to give it some juxtaposition.  I’m just twisted like that!
Well I love how they turned out and can’t wait to have a few of them in the gallery!  If find my Robert Trebor, Photographer fan page on Facebook you can see a couple of them there.
Remind me to tell you about the early morning family session and then the commercial video shoot at another point.

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