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"If it's "Just a headshot" to you, you'll be "Just another ..." to them."

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Rob, Help me stop losing opportunities!

A Headshot is Art and Science

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Headshot Choice Time!

A. Selfie or cheap photographer.  Opportunities gone!


B. Professional Headshot that matches what your client would expect.  Opportunities flow!!

Stop Losing Opportunities!!

Your selfie, the amateur photographer, or lack of a headshot all together is killing your bottom line!

I create over 750 headshots a year for people in industries ranging from Actors to Business Professionals and the companies that employ them.

People drop the ball on the last step of their professional development with some of the worst headshots out there!

This is your competitive advantage!


Headshots are not one size fits all!

Your clients are different.

Your business is different.

You are different!


Let me walk you through my proprietary evaluation system today to best understand the headshot you really need!

Pop quiz:  Who am I?

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A. Corporate leader?

B. CEO of Startup?

C. Twitch personality?

The answer is C!

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A. Insurance agent?

B. Executive Vice President?

C. Heating and Air Conditioning Tech?

Answer is C

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