Stormtroopers, horses, and families – oh my!

What a great weekend!  

These are the types of weekends I love!  As stated in my last post, the 6 costumes in 2 hour session went really well.  We photographed this artist’s Stormtrooper, Tie-fighter pilot, rebel and emperor troopers, an x-wing pilot, and a Jawa!  All the photos turned out great and I’m looking forward to our next sessions to photograph all 21 costumes!
If you wondering, “What’s all that about with the costumes?”  
He’s a part of the 501st which is an organization dedicated to supporting child wellness through the Make a Wish Foundation and tons of other venues.  These guys and gals dress up in these costumes and visit sick children in hospitals and show up a charity events all around the world!  
If you want more information about the organization, do a Google search for “501st” or email me at and I can point you to some great resources here in San Antonio.
So that was Friday, then on Sunday I photographed the winner of my “100 Likes” contest for my Robert Trebor, photographer fan page that’s dedicated to Costume Artist.  That session was a lot of fun for me because he does work on a working farm and ranch.  This was a great opportunity to get photos of him and his family with their horses, so beautiful!
When you’ve lived your life in cities, it’s pretty cool to hang out in the country!  It’s hard to believe that both my parents grew up on farms and how different our lives are.  A tuff day for me is when the power is out because of a storm and I don’t have cable!  (Joking of course, well…mostly!  lol)
The last part of the weekend I did a quick family session with some close friends that we love to hang out with.  If you’ve ever seen my “Christopher Robin” photo of a child running across a deep-green field pulling a single red balloon, you’ve seen their child!  He is such a cutie!  And he has a laugh that will have you rolling on the floor in stitches because it’s so cute.  I need to record it and post it so people can hear it!
Here are a couple of images from this weekend:  (The gun in not actually pointed at the horse, but it does look that way!  lol)

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