Summer-Time Blues, done!

I had such a great weekend!  I had Megan’s Quinceanera on Saturday, which was wonderful!  Then on Sunday I had mini sessions all day with some fantastic models!

This weekend was also a reminder that while sometimes things don’t work out the way you hope, it’s always important to press on and make the best with what you have.  Specifically, I had arrangements to have a classic Thunderbird car for the mini sessions, but unfortunately there where some mechanical issues that prevented its appearance.  Disappointing, but I think we still created some amazing images for everyone to enjoy!

Something to note and is actually one of my favorite parts of my mini sessions; please feel free to make a mini session your own!

What I mean is, while this weekend’s theme was Rockabilly, Hillbilly-chic; not everyone did the Rosy the Riveter look, and that is perfectly cool with me!  I had clients modeling with nice dresses to jeans, and I loved it!  I like setting up the basics and then leaving creative freedom for my clients to work with what they feel comfortable, so please keep that in mind for the future!  

Otherwise, on the home front all the family visitor are either home or on their way at this point.  It was nice having time with family and I know we are going to miss having them around as we all live so far apart.


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