Taking on Fashion!

I don’t know if you can be a portrait photographer and not be drawn to
fashion so I’m sure I’m no exception.  This past weekend I had my 1st
annual, Fashion Mini session and it was a BLAST!

I had the pleasure of working with 5 beautiful people, all “normal” (Not
models) everyday ladies that just wanted to come out and have some fun.

The day started with make-up and hair by my go to team to push the natural beauty just a bit to that fashion flair look.  Carlos and Jessica where the dynamic duo and my secret weapon for amazing photos!

Part of getting the shots I wanted was letting the ladies get comfortable in
the camera room, so to give them a quick break from the hair and makeup, I brought them up to the studio and did some mini experience photos between the makeup, hair, and hair art.  This worked out wonderfully as I could see a huge difference in the amount they relaxed after the first session; when they came into the photo room the second and third time they totally had that boss attitude of, “I got this!”  It was great!

Well, needless to say, we all had a great time and I was busting at the
seams to see and go through the photos!  As the photographer, before you
even take the photo, you can see the great ones and it’s just a beautiful
thing to finally see it on the screen; and there were several of those
throughout the day.

To see more images, check out my fan page at www.facebook.com/nostalgicmp

My next mini session will be my Spring Garden mini on April 19th.  My next fashion flair mini sessions will be my “Study in Red” which should be fun for both individuals interested in doing some modeling and couples that want some really cool photos you just don’t get anywhere else!; look for those on either the 10th or 17th of May!



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