The Child Within

So what is it about kids that bring out the inner child in you?
I know I haven’t posted a lot the last couple of months as I’ve been increasingly busy with Holiday photos and most of all a personal project resulting in a Star Wars Stormtrooper costume.
It all started months ago when I found a kids Darth Vader costume for my boy at the Disney Store.   When I gave it to him, he said I should be a stormtrooper so I could be his side-kick.  SERIOUSLY, how do yo say no to that?!
With my character work, I had already been interested in joining the group called the 501st.  They are a charity group that entrance to join is a movie quality, dark-side character from Star Wars.  So I did some research and ordered a kit to make it happen.
Not being a real “crafty” person, this ended up being quite the adventure for me to build this suit.
I tell you, I have never dremeled, cut, sew, stitched, glued, painted, and fabricated anything like this before.  Thankfully no injuries!  lol
Well, the end result was this photo of me and my guy having a wonderful Halloween and the chance to be his side-kick and hero for the day.
Darth Vader and his storm trooper
Me and my son as a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader from Star Wars

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