The WOW Factor!

Ok, so over this last weekend I picked up one of the new iPhone 5c devices, but more important then the phone was my son’s response to seeing it!

So there we were, at Best-buy to get my phone.  My 3 year old son sitting on the chair in front of the sales person as he pulls the phone out and opens the box.  As soon as the new phone touched the table, my son starts “Ooooohhhhhoooo” and just giggling and smiling at the sight of this new phone.  It reminded me of those old shredded wheat commercials with the adult representing the whole-grain side and the kid representing the frosted side.  
As adults are all, “It’s cool, it’s just a phone.”  But my son was definitely my inner child jumping up and down with excitement.  
Truly a priceless moment!

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