Time to start my photography free weekend!

Sometimes it’s great to take a break, refresh, and spend some quality time with the family.  That’s what this weekend is all about for me!

I’ve been so thankful to be so busy with clients the last few months and am super excited to get in the swing of holiday photos!  This last quarter of the year tends to get pretty crazy, so getting some quality time in now is a wonderful thing!  
Something I love to do is get out to the movies, so now the question is which one?  There are so many great movies out right now that I could probably rotate from one theater to the next. (Paying for each of course!)
I’m looking forward to when our little guy can go with us and we can turn it into a family thing.  He’s really sensitive to loud noises and I just don’t think he would enjoy the experience yet.  
The last great part of taking a break are the great ideas that tend to flow into my head for some new session and techniques to try.  Note to self to bring a notepad with me!
Ok, I need to run, but just wanted to check in!
BTW, I’m looking for 4 High School Students to use as models for this years seniors (2 girls, 2 boys).  If you know anyone, have them contact me at nostalgicmp@gmail.com.

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