We have a house!

Ok, so the building process just wasn’t working out for us and our gut was yelling at us like a haunted house, “GET OUT!!!”

I’m so glad we did!  Building cost were already 30% over our budget and you know when you are only in the planning phase, the end is probably going to be closer to 70% over budget; no thanks!
With these numbers in mind, we set out to see what was actually on the market.  We, well, mostly my wife as she is our super researcher, shifted through about 50 homes and narrowed it down to 3 that we were really interested in.  Of those, one of them was an absolute winner and we closed on the house this past Monday, so we are of course, super excited!  Move in starts Friday!
Of course this means my studio service will not be an option for about 2 weeks, and at this time of year is unfortunate, but I’ll be back up and running by about 12 November.
Thanks for all the support everyone!

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