Well, that sucked!

Have you tried to get family photos and it all just falls apart?

That was us just a few weeks ago!

There we were; dressed to our best, traveled 3 hours to the beach, dreams of beautiful family photos dance in our head.

and then….

Reality kicks you right in the face!!!

The kids go zoo-crazy like they have never been civilized a day in their lives!  Seriously, they can’t even stand without falling over as if their bones have dissolved in their body!

To make matters worse, we brought our 9-month-old, well trained (at least we thought!) puppy to top off the magic of our photo….NOPE!!  He goes nuts about all things beach and has ZERO interest in being a part of the photo.

At this point, I’m mentally toasted; my wife is …. um, I’m not sure who is reading this, so I’ll stick with “annoyed” to be safe.

Does this experience sound familiar?

Thankfully, with the right photographer, this doesn’t have to be your story, I can help!

If you are planning to have family photos this year let me help you NOT have this story!

Contact me today to get the best days and times for your perfect, NO-STRESS family photos!

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