Why Holiday Gifts for Mom Usually Suck (even though you’re giving her what she asks for)

Let me guess – mom asks for a new blender, mixer, a Kindle gift certificate, the latest John Grisham Novel, a cheese slice (is that just me?), new carpet, or something along those lines?

And so that’s what you buy for her.

And she opens the gift,

looks at you,


says, “thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted!”

Only, it really wasn’t.

In this article, I’ll cover why your holiday gifts usually fail to delight (even though you’re

giving her what she asks for), the 5 best gifts any mother will love, and the 5 things you

should NEVER give as a Holiday Gift (unless it’s a bonus gift along with another GREAT


Reasons these gifts like blenders and gift cards don’t work:

1. They’re expected. She asked for it, you got it, end of deal. What she really wants is a


2. They’re something she could buy herself. In fact, she would have just popped that

latest John Grisham Novel on her kindle herself.

3. They’re usually things she needs. I mean really, how much enjoyment does a

blender or a cheese slicer give a person?

4.  They’re easily forgotten.

So then, what the heck am I supposed to do? Be a mind reader?

YES, yes EXACTLY! I’m glad you asked!

I’m going to help you read her mind.

Because I’m a mom myself, well, kinda, I’m a work from home dad and married for 16 years, and I’m going to share the insides of my brain from living in the stay-at-home life with you.

So before I share with you 5 things any mom will love for mothers day, I’m going to

delve deep into the psychology of the Mom brain. Because it changes after having


  1. Moms won’t ask for something if it makes them feel selfish.

They want to spend their time and money on their kids, not on themselves. Over the year I’ve been painstakingly working on a very Vanity Fair, GQ kind of style in which I’ve done sessions and offered prints to the participants, specifically for moms, and asked a past client if she had thought about buying images. She said yes, she would love to, BUT, when it came down to it? She would feel bad spending the money on herself instead of doing a family photo session and including everybody.

B. You know how they say sex sells for men? Well, NOSTALGIA sells for woman.

Women love to remember the “good old days.” The days when their teens had chubby

baby legs. Their first date with their husband. The love letters. The days when they lived

in a studio apartment with a baby before they had the money for a house. The song

they danced to on their wedding.

C. Moms want to feel loved and appreciated.

But WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I tell my mom/my wife I love her every day when I leave in

the morning! DOESN’T COUNT. “Bye, I love you,” is one of those things that turns into a

routine. You say it without thinking. Not that it’s a BAD thing. It’s just that she wants to

hear in your own words why you love her, why you appreciate her.

Now that we’ve gotten those three things covered, let’s chat about what that means as

far as gifts. I’ll give you gift ideas in each of 5 categories, then give you a bonus of

something you can give her that will cover ALL 5 categories.

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