Why to get a good camera?

Ok, so my last post was about any camera can capture a good photo, so the question becomes, why get a good camera?

Nicer cameras, and I mean ones with lenses you can change for simplicity purposes.  For those more comfortable with camera terminology, I’m talking about SLR and DSLR, Single-Lens Reflex for film, and Digital Single-lens Reflex for digital sensors.
I admit, even I stand amazed at the concept of what the cameras in our phones can do!  To think they can take some pretty great photos while being the size of a pencil eraser kind of blows my mind.   I’ve even seen some attachments that give these cameras zoom abilities, lighting, and stability to get some amazing images.
So again, why get a “nice” camera.  It really comes down to stability, flexibility, and sharpness in lower light situations.
You can get a tripod for snapshot cameras, but DSLR’s let you raise the shutter speed to match your own stability and get the shot nice and crisp.
DSLR’s give you the ability to change lenses from wide to zoom so you can get the shot you really want.  Most of the time you can “Self zoom” by walking forward or go wide by backing up, but when I’m at the zoo, I would rather the camera zoom into the lion’s cage rather then me getting in it!
Low light situations, meaning in your house with limited lighting turned on, or later in the evening when you want to get those cute photos of your kid or dog doing something amazing.  We’ve all been there, something great is unfolding before you and you hit the button to take the shot and you hear “Click…….flash………………………………………………………………….Click.”  Yep, the photo looks horrible and the moment is gone.
DSLRs have several options to fight the blur monster that other cameras just can’t handle.
If you really want to know more, contact me at nostalgicmp@gmail.com for either a personalized class or a group discussion with friends.

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